Southern Trust Reluctant to Comment on Potential Staff Exodus

The Southern Trust has come under fire and is under pressure from Domiciliary Care staff following the £23million pound investment from the Department of Health for social care in Northern Ireland.

Clanrye News and Sport recently revealed that the £23million was for the private sector only, prompting local private care companies to increase their hourly pay to a rate higher that the Southern Trust.

Clanrye News and Sport was then contacted by staff who indicated that they may have to leave the Southern Trust Domiciliary Care team and join the private sector for better pay.

We then asked the Southern Trust the following question:

Can I get a statement regarding a potential exodus of staff from the Southern Trust Domiciliary Care department due to low pay compared to their private sector counterparts please?

We gave the Trust a deadline of two days and received the following reply one minute before the deadline:

Hi, please contact DOH regarding your Domiciliary Care query. Many Thanks

Very odd response from the Southern Trust considering the question related to their staff. It begs the question why they are reluctant to answer any questions regarding the potential exodus of unhappy staff due to poor pay?

Perhaps the Southern Trust doesn’t care if staff leave? Very strange considering a pandemic however we are very determined to get to the bottom of this issue.

The lack of response and fob of from the Southern Trust in these writers’ eyes is extremely disrespectful to Southern Trust staff that have been incredible during these tough and challenging times.


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