The Urgency of Defeating the Protocol – TUV

Speaking at an anti-Protocol meeting in Mountfield Orange Hall, Omagh on Friday night, TUV leader Jim Allister warned the more the Protocol was allowed to bed in the more economic and constitutional damage was being done. Hence, he warned, “the folly of any laissez faire approach which springs from the fundamental mistake of the DAERA minister ever starting – and continuing – the checks at the Irish Sea border. Without those checks the Protocol would be a dead letter.

“Time is on the side of the Protocolites, because every passing day sees more and more trade diversion, reorientation of our economy towards the Republic and thus the advancement of our diminishing position in the U.K.

“The fact that for almost a year now we alone in the U.K. have been subject to foreign law-making, EU sovereignty and the economic dislocation resulting from GB being decreed a ‘third country’, points to a failure of politics. The extent to which that has been self-inflicted through breach of deadlines and weakening of NSMC protests is troubling and, no doubt, a source of encouragement to our EU oppressors.

“I must repeat there is no room for complacency over the Protocol. It will assuredly dismantle the Union that we cherish and is already doing so. How much greater wake up is needed than a judicial finding that Art 6 of the Acts of Union has already been repealed by the Protocol. Left to fully bed in and the Protocol will destroy the Union in all its parts.

“Hence the urgency of unflinching resolve to do what it takes to derail it.”


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