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PEACE Money Is An Exciting Opportunity For Newry and Armagh- Mulgrew

Sinn Féin Councillor for Newry City, Roisin Mulgrew has spoken after attending an information workshop on PEACE+ funding in the Canal Court. 

Speaking after the meeting Roisin said:

“Today was such an exciting and informative meeting for me as a representative of Newry. 

“This funding package was put on the agenda in Europe by Sinn Féin MEP’s and is opening up to first calls early next year. 

“It is great to see a funding package of this size come into the North after the harmful process of Brexit. 

“The level of financial support from the EU highlights their commitment to the North and the Peace Process here.

“From a Newry perspective this presents an amazing opportunity for us to draw down funding for a number of projects to enrich our culture and boost tourism within the city such as the Newry City park, the regeneration of Newry Canal and the development of a water sports site at Camlough lake.

“This funding also gives us the opportunity to support large scale projects like the hourly Belfast to Dublin trainlink to help further connect our Island and place Newry front and centre in that role. 

“The Council must ensure that they work closely with communities to deliver the best outcome for all across the district.

“Sinn Féin will also push for the council to put the needs of workers and families front and centre in any projects they undertake with this funding”.


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