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Young Business Woman Sets Up Free Market Place to Help Local Businesses

Chloe Kimmins a young lady from Newry City has set up a free market in order for local businesses to sell their products. The young business innovator, who organises the free market voluntarily, has said that she wanted to help out small local businesses that have been affected by the current economic climate.

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport Chloe said:

“I started All Things Small in 2020 when our whole worlds changed as we knew it…. Corona Virus hit us!! Every business in every country in the world had to close its doors for longer than they’d ever expected. 

From my perspective every local business used their imagination and really upped their ideas on how to sell their products and how to market them.. for example “Ground coffee from your favourite coffee shop collection point” or “Build your favourite pizza from home kits”  and much more down to getting your fresh local Veg to your house.. this is what made me start my page “All Things Small”.

“So I decided that I was going to help them. I was their platform and I would create content and share their ideas on a platform that I made to support local businesses who didn’t have their own platforms as well as those who did. 

I teamed up with Elysium wellness centre in Newry and we hosted our first free market, it was a success and it will now become a monthly thing so we can continue helping small businesses.”

“Help me support small by supporting me.”

All things small second free market will be on the 21st of November above Elysium wellness centre (beside grounded) from 11-3.


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