Community Crime South Down

Councillor Addresses ASB in Rowallane

Following recent reports of anti-social behaviour throughout the Rowallane area, local Alliance councillor, Patrick Brown, and other DEA members took part in a meeting with the PSNI in an attempt to address the issue.

Cllr Brown commented: “Last week, myself and other Rowallane DEA members had a constructive meeting with senior PSNI officers to discuss the ongoing anti-social behaviour problems being seen across the district, particularly in Killyleagh, Crossgar and Saintfield. There has been a surge in anti-social activities recently, and I share the concerns of local constituents who are becoming increasingly frustrated by this behaviour and are worried it will escalate further.”

Cllr Brown continued: “During the meeting, the PSNI clearly highlighted the importance of reporting any instances of anti-social behaviour to them via the 101 line. While I am more than happy to receive reports personally and pass them along to the appropriate authorities, it is essential that all incidents are recorded by the police.”

“This is because the information collected is used by the local PSNI force to show the scale of the problem and allows local officers to be able to bid and secure extra personnel and resources for the district. As such, the more often you report problems, the greater the chance of police presence in Rowallane will be and able to reduce the chances of further issues occurring.”

Cllr Brown concluded: “We cannot let a small group of people, with a seeming disregard for safety and public wellbeing, get away with this type of behaviour. We must come together as a community and continue to actively call it out. I want to thank the PSNI for the ongoing work they do within the local area, and I would encourage everyone to report any activity or speak to your local councillor should you be hesitant to contact the police directly.”


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