TUV Slam DUP For Backing Down Over Protocol Threat

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“The DUP leader’s threat and promise of 50 days ago was clear: If HMG did not legislate in October to restore NI’s place within U.K. internal market he would pull his ministers out of the Executive. (Irish Times 10/9/21)

“Sadly, the DUP has backed down.

“Failing to deliver on a threat or promise not just damages the credibility of the threat maker, but, more importantly, signals to those whom the threat is intended to influence that you don’t need to be taken seriously.

“Now is the time to increase, not lessen, the pressure on HMG and Brussels. The EU continues to peddle the lie that the Protocol is necessary to protect the Belfast Agreement. There is no better way to debunk that absurdity than to demonstrate that in fact it is the Protocol that is endangering its institutions!

“In June Sinn Fein threatened to block a First Minister if they didn’t get their way on Irish language. The NIO and then DUP leader, Edwin Poots, buckled. Now, they are on their way to achieving their goal, while the DUP lets its bluff be called on the Protocol.

“So, here at the end of October, we are in the position that despite Sir Jeffrey’s empty threat the Protocol continues; the Irish Sea border continues; the Poots’ Posts continue; the Checks continue; and the DUP continues in government with Sinn Fein.

“No unionist should be in any doubt about the Union-dismantling nature of a Protocol which decrees GB a ‘third country’ with customs checks and tariffs on moving goods to NI, subjecting us to foreign laws, dismantling our GB links and coercively building an all-Ireland economy. Yet, amazingly, a DUP minister in DAERA continues to oversee and implement this constitutional travesty.

“It’s time to waken up!”


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