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Malone Condemns St Brigids Church Vandalism

Independent Newry City Councillor Gavin Malone has condemned the recent vandalism of a statue at St Brigids Chapel in the Meadow in Newry.

Speaking on the issue Cllr Malone stated:

“Recently I was contacted about vandalism at St Brigids Church in the meadow. On Arrival, I was appalled to see the statue of Our Lady which stands below the cross outside the Church had been knocked over. These statues are heavy and concreted into the ground so it took a concerted effort from several people to do this. My question is simply, WHY? 

So many in our community are sustained by their faith in these very challenging times for all of us and will be deeply upset by this vandalism. Effectively, this is an attack on the community and will be condemned by all right thinking people. Ive been told that recently large numbers of young people have been gathering on the grounds .I earnestly appeal to those responsible to desist from further similar acts of criminality. I also have a direct question for them.  Would you tell your parents and family what you did and would they be proud of you?”

Follwoing this Councillor Malone contacted Martin Kennan at Modern fire place and monuamental works to aid with repairs of the damaged statue.

Cllr Malone said:

“I am pleased to tell everyone that Martin Keenan has visited St. Brigids this morning and carried out a detailed examination of the damaged statue and has an extensive portfolio of photographs. On Monday morning Martin will sit down with his Father, Mickey, and the management team and review the repair options. This may include, remoulding. I am very pleased that we have the market leaders in the monumental sector engaged on behalf of the community. Martin also reports that the site in general is in a dilapidated condition and will need urgent attention.

Since I came into Council in 2019 nothing has provoked such a response from the public. I have been overwhelmed with phone calls, emails, social media contact and personal interaction and all expressing anger,disgust, disappointment and utter bewilderment. I totally concur with you all and again I appeal to all involved in anti social behaviour to desist from their unacceptable actions.”

Ask yourselves the simple question, “Would Ma and Da be proud of me?” Restoration of the statue is now a work in progress and there is a live police investigation underway also. I will keep everyone informed when we learn more on Monday.”


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