TUV Warns Against Mere Tinkering With Protocol

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“Tinkering with the Belfast Agreement at St Andrew’s neither fixed it nor changed its basic architecture.

“Likewise, mere tinkering with the Protocol will not work. If the basic architecture of foreign rule and stolen sovereignty remains, then, nothing of significance would have changed.

“Many Unionists were conned by exaggerated claims of change at St Andrews. The same must not happen again. Nor must a Unionist Party again try to package tinkering as real change.

“The Protocol is so destructive of the Union that it must go, in all its parts.

“I repeat, again, the test of any fresh proposals is the sovereignty test – would we still be left in a foreign single market for goods, under a foreign customs code and vat regime, enforced by foreign laws and governed by a foreign Supreme Court. If so, then, nothing of substance would have changed.”


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