Immediate Investigation Needed Into UVF Killer’s Court Testimony – Cllr Denise Mullen, Aontu

Aontú Deputy Leader Cllr Denise Mullen has demanded “an immediate cross-border investigation into the UVF use of British Amy weapons” as alleged by UVF killer Garfield Beattie as part of his court testimony recently.

 Cllr Mullen said: “The court testimony given in recent weeks by the UVF & Glenanne Gang killer who murdered my father was harrowing on so many levels. Beattie’s testimony was just the latest confirmation of British collusion in the murder of innocent catholics.”

Beattie testified in the case that:

“Back in 1976, I covered for them but when I found out a British

Army agent was involved, that was me finished. Every Catholic

murdered in Armagh and Tyrone was murdered by British Army


 Cllr Mullen continued: “What more evidence is needed for an official investigation into collusion related deaths? A British government-sponsored death squad made up of Loyalist terrorists, members of the British Military in Ireland and RUC officers, murdered over 120 innocents across the North of Ireland. The Miami Showband Massacre, the sectarian murders of the Reavey and O’Dowd families, the Dublin and Monaghan bombs, the murder of my father.

The Barron Report stated RUC officers and UDR soldiers were involved in the Dublin Monaghan bombings, but the British government blocked the Inquiry’s investigation into the role of British collusion. Two public inquiries in Britain concluded that British security officials were involved in the murder of Pat Finucane. The list goes on, and the evidence mounts.There is no excuse for the Irish government and Stormont Executive not to institute an All-Ireland inquiry into all the deaths that British collusion caused.”


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