Business Ratepayers Urged to Submit Information for Reval2023

Land & Property Services (LPS) is encouraging non-domestic ratepayers to send through rental information as Reval2023 gets underway.

Finance Minister Conor Murphy urged businesses to participate, saying: “Business owners and trade bodies have been calling for more regular revaluations. Reval2023 responds to these calls, putting us on a three year revaluation cycle.

“Revaluing over 74,000 non-domestic properties is a significant undertaking and it is important that all business ratepayers play their part.”

This week, business owners will receive an online code or paper questionnaire in the post, enabling them to provide LPS with all the information required to revalue their business.

The valuation team at LPS will use rental evidence and other supporting information to prepare a new valuation list, based on October 2021 rental values.  This new list will then be used to calculate rates bills from 1st April 2023.

Minister Murphy adds: “Business rates provide around £675m each year to support the public services we all use.  Rates help to fund our hospitals, schools and roads as well as the essential services Councils deliver every day.

“Our aim is to ensure the rating system is distributed fairly across all business sectors. By fully providing the required information, business ratepayers will help ensure valuations reflect changes in the property market and economic conditions over the last three years. ”

While the deadline to complete and return the online or paper Rent and Lease questionnaire is 31st December 2021, businesses are encouraged to act now to ensure they have all the information needed to respond when asked.  For further information and advice about Reval2023, visit


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