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Derrybeg Community Association Calls For Public Park in Newry

Derrybeg Community Association are fully supportive of the Unite the Union rally due to be held on Saturday 23rd October. 

Chairperson of Derrybeg Community Association Stephen Murney voiced the community group’s support, he said “The campaign to have a public park in Newry is something that we should all fall behind. It is something that can only be beneficial to the local area. 

“Community groups across Newry have publicly voiced their support for this project and Derrybeg Community Association take this opportunity to urge everyone to weigh in behind the campaign to secure and establish a public park at the Albert Basin.” 

The community worker added” Ordinary people have had enough and it’s now time to demand a proper park for the people of Newry.

“Assemble at Marcus Square, Hill Street on Saturday 23rd October at 3pm.” 



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