“If the price of ministerial office is facilitating the Protocol then Unionists need to resign!” – TUV Newry and Armagh

Reacting to the ruling that the boycott of North/South meetings is unlawful Jim Allister said:

“Ultimately the DUP has a choice to make. Are DUP Ministers going to climb down and facilitate the Protocol? If they do so they will deny everything they have said about North/South relations being unable to continue as normal as long as East / West relations were trashed. Alternatively are they going to resign? Untimely that is the choice.

“By ceasing to be minister you cease to be under any obligation to operate North/South relations while East /West links are trashed. The Union dismantling Protocol partitions the UK and treats Great Britain as a third country. If one is a Unionist and can only be a Minister if you are party to that trashing the only honourable course is to resign.”


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