City of Culture Presents Real Opportunities for Armagh – McNulty

SDLP Assembly Member Justin McNulty has described the announcement that Armagh has made the City of Culture 2025 longlist as ‘an exciting opportunity for the city’.

The Newry & Armagh MLA commented, ‘Armagh is an ancient city with a rich and diverse history, steeped in culture, heritage, myth, and legend. As a city, Armagh provides a perfect confluence of our shared history and culture. Well known as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland, Armagh gives home to the seat of the two major religious traditions on our island, yet less than three miles from the city centre, Navan Fort houses the ancient capital of the Ulaidh, and a history that predates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. 

‘I’m delighted to see that Armagh has advanced to the last eight being considered for 2025 City of Culture. I have raised the need to support Armagh’s bid with the Joint First Ministers, because if successful, Armagh will benefit from significant investment in social, cultural, and economic projects, which will serve to enhance the city’s already vibrant arts, music, traditions, culture and tourism offering.

‘I want to congratulate everyone who has played a role in driving the bid forward. The prospect of securing the title gives rise to real opportunities for Armagh, with the winner expected to enjoy the spotlight for inward investment and tourism for decades to come.”


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