Saoradh Newry Condemn St Paul’s School British Army Recruitment Event

The decision by St Paul’s school in Bessbrook to bring pupils to a recruitment event that included the British Army has been described as grotesque by the revolutionary Republican party Saoradh.

Local people angered by the issue contacted Saoradh’s Newry office to voice their disgust when pictures appeared on the school’s Facebook page showing pupils with members of the British Forces of occupation. 

Relaying the anger, Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said,

“Such was the anger of local people towards this grotesque imperialist recruitment event that they approached our party to vent their disgust.

“The British army’s record in Ireland consists of murder and brutality. The British Army in Newry and South Armagh were responsible for murdering innocent civilians, including a number of children.

“These murderous tactics have also been adapted in imperialist exploits in other countries in recent years.

“It’s shocking that a South Armagh school would allow it’s pupils to be involved in the promotion and normalisation of British Army child killers.”

Stephen continued, “However the British army’s role in Ireland is not consigned to the history books, it is very much part of the present day occupation. Thousands of British troops remain garrisoned in the Six Counties and the sinister Special Reconnaissance Regiment is on active operations here. That sinister regiment has links with the hated SAS.

Undercover British soldiers connected to the SRR are currently involved in covert surveillance operations right across the North.

“Saoradh will resist all attempts to normalise the presence of British forces – irrespective of whether they are British troops or RUC.”


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