EU Still Asserts Sovereignty Over Northern Ireland – TUV Newry and Armagh

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister in response to EU Protocol proposals

“The Protocol is an instrument delivering both economic dislocation and constitutional dislocation within the U.K.

“The EU’s latest proposals do nothing to counter the all important constitutional dislocation. They retain us in a foreign single market for goods, under a foreign customs code and VAT regime, ruled by foreign laws and adjudicated upon by a foreign court. None of that would change under the EU’s proposals. Thus, they have not addressed the critical issue.

“GB would continue to be decreed a ‘third country’ vis-a-vis Northern Ireland’s trade. That can never be acceptable, because it defies the constitutional integrity of our nation.

“Sovereignty is the crunch issue. These proposals utterly fail the sovereignty test.”


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