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UUP Select Taylor for Newry and Armagh

UUP Slieve Gullion Councillor David Taylor has been selected by his party to contest the 2022 assembly election in Newry and Armagh constituency. Speaking at his party’s conference Taylor expressed his immense joy and pride at leading his party into the election in the Newry and Armagh area.

Speaking during his speech at the opening of the Ulster Unionist conference:

“I`m looking forward to the day ahead and I hope you are too.  We have a packed agenda which outlines our vision for creating a Union of People, developing and sustaining a Northern Ireland at peace with itself which thrives economically and socially as part of the United Kingdom.

I was born and raised in Newry and now live a short distance away in Bessbrook, South Armagh with my wife Valerie and our young son George. I have been proud to serve our Party as a Councillor since 2011 and currently serve as Group Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Representatives on Newry, Mourne & Down District Council.”

“My day job consists of working within the victims’ sector as a welfare support officer in the South Armagh area.  I offer support to innocent victims and current and ex members of our security forces.  In my personal life, I have always taken a keen interest in community activities and am an active member of my Church and community and cultural organisations in the local area.

I was recently selected as the Ulster Unionist Party’s candidate in the Newry & Armagh Constituency for the next Assembly election.  I am extremely privileged and humbled to be offered the opportunity to be our standard bearer in the Constituency where I have lived all my life and to be representing a Party which has been part of my family’s DNA for generations and whose values I cherish.”

“I have long been committed to public service, both in a voluntary capacity and in more recent years in an elected capacity.  My desire has always been strong to assist people and to improve the capacity of organisations within my local community, seeking to create more sustainable and prosperous conditions for all those I have helped during this time.

I have endeavoured to offer a strong and positive voice for Unionism in the South Armagh/Newry area as an elected representative over the last 10 years and have been committed to serving everyone within my District Electoral Area irrespective of their creed or background to the best of my ability – this highlights what the core of our mantra of developing a Union of People is all about – A Party whose representatives serve the best interests of all of our citizens – where we seek to make Northern Ireland a place in which everybody feels truly valued – where they believe they are provided with the opportunity to utilise the talents they have at their disposal to the maximum potential so that they can thrive and succeed in their respective fields and where we convince people that their prospects are best placed in remaining a part of the Union.”

“The forthcoming Assembly Election provides an opportunity to the Ulster Unionist Party and candidates such as myself to outline to the people of Newry & Armagh and indeed across Northern Ireland a confident and positive vision for Unionism which widens the appeal of remaining within the Union to the electorate.  It is incumbent upon us to take the lead on this as a Party and I know that we do not take lightly the responsibility of seeking to secure the long term sustainability of our place within the United Kingdom.

The Ulster Unionist Party has always been committed to building a better future for everyone in Northern Ireland – our determination to deliver this is as strong now as it always has been – this is the very reason I am an Ulster Unionist – because at our very core we put the interests of the people of Northern Ireland first in everything we do.”


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