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The IRSP Newry have hit out at the main political parties for voting against a proposal which would have transferred funds from the proposed Civic Centre to the Albert Basin park.

Speaking on the issue IRSP Newry Representative Chris Morley said:

 “In recent months we have seen the People’s Park at the Albert Basin being stone walled time and again by senior management and the two main political parties on the Council”

 “These same politicians are claiming to support the park, but all the while blocking it at every juncture. The most recent being Monday night, when Independent Cllr Gavin Malone brought a proposal to deflect money from the Civic Centre to the park; yet once again all the Councillors , with the exception of a few independents blocked this proposal”

“The IRSP totally condemns the abuse of power within NMDDC. The parties are not acting in the interests of the people, 11500 people signed an online petition calling for the park and just recently a consultation document by NMDDC made it crystal clear what the people want, which is the park not the Civic Centre!”

“The people have to stand up to this wrongdoing. NMDDC are ploughing their own furrow with £132 million of ratepayers/taxpayers hard earned cash!”

“The Council is giving the people of Newry the fingers , they really are treating everyone with absolute contempt!”

The IRSP will continue to fight this wrong, and won’t stop until the people get what they want!” 


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