Green Energy Bill Will Help Green Energy Producers – Kimmins

Sinn Féin MLA Liz Kimmins has said the party’s Green Energy Bill will ensure that small green energy producers get paid their fair share.

Speaking ahead of a debate on Sinn Féin’s Small-Scale Green Energy Bill in the Assembly, the Newry/Armagh MLA said if passed, this bill will be a victory for families and the environment.

“The Small-Scale Green Energy Bill will make it compulsory for large electricity providers to pay a minimum price for the electricity they get from private, small-scale producers.

“It will also place a requirement on those suppliers to source at least 5% of their energy from such small-scale producers.

“This will mean that homes, farms, small businesses, community groups and co-ops will be able to generate electricity from small-scale generators such as wind turbines or solar panels and receive a guaranteed minimum price when they sell it to the grid.

“Part of tackling climate change is not only changing how we produce energy but who produces it. This bill allows people to become energy producers and will incentivise small-scale energy production and reduce emissions.

“Recently we have seen the erratic and extreme price fluctuations that a reliance on power generated by fossil fuels can cause.

“Our future must be one of renewably generated power. This will not only protect our environment but maintain prices at a stable predictable rate. This bill is a small but practical step in that direction.

“I am urging people to contact your MLA, ask them to support this Bill and help take another step towards securing a better tomorrow for future generations.” 


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