Aontú Welcomes Appointment of Independent Panel for Review of Education and Demand Representation for Irish Medium Sector.

Aontú Education Spokesperson Gemma Brolly welcomes the appointment of the Independent Panel for Review of Education,urging action during the proposed time frame and demanding representation for the Irish Medium Sector. 

“As Aontú Education Spokesperson, a teacher, a Learning Support Co-ordinator and a parent, I am delighted to hear that the independent panel who will conduct the review of our education system has finally been appointed and will begin work in the coming weeks” states Ms. Brolly, “I am however extremely disappointed that yet again, the Irish Medium Sector of our Education system appears to have no place on this panel at present. I had hoped following ‘agreement’ of Irish Language legislation that the days of being ignored or having no representation on panels such as these were in the past. I trust that fair representation facilitating our thousands of young Gaeilgeoirí, is in the process.”

“As someone who works in the Education and Irish Medium sector and has witnessed the significant challenges within our system, I urge all involved in this review to work towards completing this process as rapidly as possible and not to wait the proposed 18 months before changes are implemented” adds Brolly. 

Ms. Brolly insists “our children continue to linger on waiting lists for months and years, many will never be lucky enough to clammer to the top of the priority list which allows 1 in every 100 children to see an Educational Psychologist. Educational Psychologists themselves are stretched to the maximum, with no view to improving this in the immediate future. Detrimental early intervention has now become a distant hope for many of our children as the funding and staffing is not available. Our children need urgent action now, not 18 months from now.” 


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