Welcome for North-South Meeting Boycott – TUV

Statement by TUV East Belfast candidate John Ross:

“In January TUV spelt out a three-point plan to disrupt the Protocol. Point one was that the NSMC should cease to operate until the East-West balance is restored. We therefore welcome the cancellation of today’s North-South Ministerial Council meeting. It is a welcome – if belated – reminder to Dublin that things cannot continue as normal. We trust that, unlike in the past, this will not be a case of missing a couple of meetings and then back to business as usual while the Protocol remains.

“Unionism is facing its greatest crisis. What is demanded is robust and sustained opposition to the border which partitions the United Kingdom. I look forward to Unionists uniting around the totality of TUV’s plan to derail the Protocol. I renew our call for the Agriculture Minister to withdraw the staff from the Sea Border. You can not claim to oppose the Protocol on the one hand while continuing the implementation of it.”


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