NI Water Launch First Schools Video Competition

NI Water’s first video competition is now open for secondary school pupils across Northern Ireland as young people are invited to submit entries on the theme of ‘The Value of Our Water Environments’.

With some great tech prizes up for grabs for both schools and pupils, entries can be either a video photobook or short 3-minute live action film.  We want them to tell the story of the issues which impact the water environments in their local area and highlight the value of these environments to both people and wildlife.

Minister Mallon said: “This first video competition provides a unique opportunity to see how the world of water is viewed through the eyes of young people. As a society we need to think and act differently and this includes the value of water – one of our most precious resources.

“We are in the grip of a climate emergency and our young people understand the urgency of acting now to protect our environment and the immediate action we need to take to save our world. I hope lots of secondary school pupils enter the competition as I know that there will be lessons that we can all learn from their creations.”

Anna Killen, Outreach and Learning Officer at NI Water explains: “Many young people are concerned about the climate and environmental emergency now facing us both globally and locally, particularly with the advent of COP26 in November. Photography and videography are powerful tools for young people to express their opinions and understanding of the impacts of environmental change and to help to inspire others to live sustainably.

“Water is one of the most essential things on earth, we can’t live without it!  How we value water is changing and the emphasis we place on water for heath, recreation, wildlife, farming etc. has never been more important. Unfortunately, our local water environments are under pressure from many things including pollution, climate change and increased consumer demand.

“Our secondary schools video competition aims to encourage young people to think about the value they place on their local water environments, understand the impacts on them and highlight to others the important value water has for us all.”

For further details and to enter visit

Prizes up for grabs including Go Pro Hero 09, Go Pro Gorilla Pods, Gorilla Pod Mobile Vlogging kits and Smart Phone video kits.   


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