Carnbane League – Week 5 – 11/09/21


Premier Division

Cleary Celtic 3 – 2 Ballybot Utd

Dunnaman FC 3 – 3 Villa Rovers

Killeavy Utd 7 – 3 Rossowen

Division 1

Ballyholland FC 0 – 4 Grasshoppers

Cartwheel Utd 4 -0 Archview Utd

Millburn Utd 2 – 1 Church Street FC

Newry Rovers 0 – 1 Ashgrove Rovers

League Tables

Premier Division

Camlough Rovers42116337
Newry Celtic32105327
Cleary Celtic32017436
Rossowen FC42021217-56
Dunnaman FC4121111105
Ballybot Utd5122810-25
Killeavy Utd31021110-13
Villa Rovers40221012-22

Division 1

Ashgrove Rovers53111411310
Greenfield Park FC3300202189
Millburn Utd4301218139
Ballyholland FC311147-34
Archview Utd4112716-94
Church Street FC310211923
Cartwheel Utd4103813-53
Newry Rovers4004330-270

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