“46 years since my father’s murder and my mother still suffers from PTSD” – Cllr Denise Mullen, Aontú

Speaking on the 46 th Anniversary of her father’s murder by the Glenanne Gang, Aontú Deputy Leader and Councillor for Mid Ulster, Denise Mullen, has spoken about the continued pain and trauma that victims of the Glenanne Gang and their families are forced to endure – still fighting for justice and truth for their loved ones.

Cllr Mullen said: “The decades since my father’s death have been ones where the pain and horror of that terrible night still live long in my memory and the memories of my family members. My mother suffers PTSD from that night to this day. And for 40 years, both myself and my mother were unable to visit his grave due to the pain and trauma. In 2019, we exhumed my father and moved his remains so he could finally be at peace and we could visit him. To honour my father’s memory, every day I have fought to get justice for what happened that night. But that fight has been consistently and continuously road-blocked for both myself, and others fighting for justice for the victims of the Glenanne Gang. Only this year, did I receive death threats in a letter sent to my home from the UVF man who killed my father.”

Cllr Mullen continued: “The PSNI’S handling of the case raises a lot of red flags. When a workman discovered a firearm and ammunition that he handed into the PSNI, the PSNI proceeded to ‘lose’ the firearms and ammunition handed in. What hope do we have of any resolution if potential evidence is ‘lost’ days after being handed in? Then in recent weeks we have seen the Tories in Westminster railroad an amnesty for all crimes committed by British forces during the Troubles. This was inevitable but is yet another barrier to justice. Truth, accountability and justice have never been brought to the North due to the simple fact that the British government’s actions have never been truly investigated and perpetrators held accountable.”

“One of the most disappointing elements of this fight for justice has been the conduct of successive Taoisigh from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael who have dragged their heels in terms of engaging with the victims and their families. Former Fine Gael Taoisigh Enda Kenny and Leo Varadkar both snubbed victims and survivors of British collusion. We honestly feared Micheál Martin would be the same. However, the Taoiseach promised several months ago that he would meet with victims and survivors – a break with two former Taoisigh. Regrettably, that promise has yet to be fulfilled. When we have attempted to follow up on this promise, the promise is repeated back but nothing ever comes of it. It is crucial that the Irish government meets with the many victims of the gang and their families. It is essential that the state takes seriously its responsibility to pursue truth and justice for the people who were killed or maimed and their families. It is time for them to fulfil their most basic duty to these citizens”, concluded Cllr Mullen.


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