Welcome Progress For Roadworks at Cloghogue Heights- Kimmins

Sinn Féin MLA for Newry, Liz Kimmins, has welcomed progress on the planned resurfacing works for the area following a site meeting today. 

Liz explained:

“Over the last year I have been lobbying on behalf of residents in Cloghogue Heights due to the dire state of the road surface in this area. A number of months ago we received confirmation that DFI had agreed to carry out the necessary resurfacing, however due to an ongoing legal challenge in relation to resurfacing contracts, the Department for Infrastructure have advised they can not proceed with resurfacing until this issue is resolved.

“Despite this, I have this week met with a DFI representative and contractor at Cloghogue Heights, and they have agreed that large areas of this surface can be repaired which will make a significant improvement in the interim.

“I have relayed this to residents who are pleased that the worst affected parts of this road will be addressed which they have been highlighting for some time now.

“I want to thank the local DFI office for recognising the importance of having these much needed repairs carried out urgently, and working within the current limitations to try and address them.”


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