Workers and Families Being Forced to Pay The Price of The Pandemic By Johnson- Kimmins and Brady

Sinn Féin MLA, Liz Kimmins, has said that ordinary people are now feeling the impact of Boris Johnson’s latest broken promise as the British Government move to increase National Insurance contributions by 1.25%

The MLA made the comments after it was confirmed that the British Government would increase National Insurance contributions while suspending the so-called ‘triple lock’ guarantee on annual pension increases.

Speaking on the matter the Sinn Féin MLA said:

“The announcement by the British Government to increase National Insurance contributions means that it is ordinary workers and families, including those here in the north who will pay the price for the pandemic. 

“We can all agree that increased investment is needed in our recovery, particularly in Health and Social Care but big businesses and billionaires have made huge profits from the pandemic and it is unfair to force workers and families to pick up this cost.”

Liz’s colleague, Mickey Brady MP also commented on the news, stating that:

“The ‘triple lock’ is supposed to guarantee that state pensions will increase in line with whichever is higher between inflation, average earnings or a set figure of 2.5 per cent.

“However, Boris Johnson’s government has now decided to suspend the average earning element as it would have led to an increase of eight per cent.

“Just like National Insurance, this is a direct British Treasury payment so that means pensioners here will miss out as a result of this latest broken promise from Boris Johnson. 

“Boris Johnson has about as much regard for his own commitments as he does for the most vulnerable in society. Clearly, it would be much better for the people here if the responsibility for such matters was transferred back to the island of Ireland.”


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