TUV Write to Chief Constable on South Armagh Policing Report

TUV leader Jim Allister has written to the PSNI Chief Constable in the following terms:

Chief Constable,

The South Armagh White Flag policing report was a new low for you as Chief Constable.

Quite apart from your obnoxious politicking in the promotion of all-Ireland policing, your report plumbed the depths when it suggested that memorials to murdered officers should be hidden from public view. Why? Clearly, so as not to offend those who murdered them or supported their murder! What sort of policy puts the sensitivities of killers and their supporters above the honouring of their victims?

It seems ‘murdered by terrorists’ now offends. Is it the fact that cold blooded, premeditated killing is called out as murder, or that those who perpetrated such crimes still dare be called terrorists?

Exploring such a move shows more respect for the community sensitivities of the Republican killing machine in South Armagh than their multiple victims. Such disrespect towards fallen officers is expected of Provo commanders, not of a police commander! It is time you resigned.

Yours in disgust,Jim Allister

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