Community Meeting With PSNI an Essential Event – Sinn Fein Newry and Armagh

Sinn Féin Councillor Declan Murphy has welcomed the meeting that took place in Jonesborough between members of the community and the PSNI. 

Councillor Murphy explained that:

“This meeting was called on the back of considerable fear in the community over recent, serious incidents in the village. It gave the chance for the community to voice their frustration at what they felt was a totally inadequate response by the PSNI to the events that occurred within the village. The meeting was very constructive and informative for all groups involved and is another step forward for promoting community led policing as a model for South Armagh.”

Councillor Mickey Larkin echoed his colleagues feelings, stating that:

“There was very clear anger in the community this evening at the response by the PSNI to the events that transpired here in the village. The residents believe that the individuals involved are part of a serious drug culture that is attempting to creep into our area. South Armagh is a proud area and it is imperative that we stand together against these thugs to stop them from gaining a foothold in our communities.”

Concluding on the matter, Mickey Brady MP said:

“Tonight’s engagement with the PSNI was a welcome one, the community were able to voice their legitimate concerns over the way in which the response to the events was handled and likewise the community were able to engage in positive discussion around how best to combat the scourge of drugs in our communities. Sinn Féin local representatives urge people to come forward with any information they have in relation to these events and bring it to the PSNI. Sinn Féin reps are available to facilitate this process and give any help and assistance necessary to the community during this time.”


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