Anti-Internment Picket Set for Newry – Saoradh Newry

The Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh have announced that they will continue to hold an Anti-Internment picket in Newry on 27th August, despite Loyalist bigots organising a display of naked sectarianism at the same time and location. 

Announcing the party’s intentions Saoradh’s Newry representative and former Republican Prisoner Stephen Murney said “Due to the Covid pandemic there hasn’t been an Anti-Internment picket in Newry for a couple of years.”

“The 50th anniversary of the reintroduction of Internment takes place in the month of August. However the practice began long before 1971 and indeed continues to this day with Internment by remand and the revocation of draconian licences. 

“This picket will afford people the opportunity to remember the internment of the past whilst highlighting present day Internment.” 

Stephen added “Since we announced our intentions last month it has now transpired that sectarian bigots have organised a Loyalist band parade in the same place at the same time. This will include bussing in over 1000 participants with over 20 knuckledragging bands taking part.

“Republicans won’t be deterred by such sectarian intimidation and sectarian displays and we pledge to continue with our  event to stand up for the human rights of political hostages. 

Murney concluded  “Therefore we defiantly announce that we will still be holding an event on Friday 27th August, despite blatant sectarian aggression. 

“We urge anyone taking part to meet at Saoradhs Newry office at 32 St Mary’s Street at 6.15pm where we will then make our way to the Downshire Road, facing the British Courthouse to start our event at 7pm as planned.”


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