Newry Woman Twice Over Legal Limit With Two Children In Car

A Newry woman more than twice the legal limit who drove with two youngsters in her car has said the loss of her licence would impact her children.

Sinead Campbell, of Fairfield Heights, Newry had a plea of guilty entered on her behalf to driving with excess alcohol at the city’s Magistrates’ Court.

Ms Campbell drove with two children in the rear of her car whilst over twice the legal limit has been handed a 12 month disqualification.

The 46-year-old’s legal representative stated that the defendant now realised she had a “problem with alcohol” which she was trying to address.

Prosecution outlined that on June 22, at 4.50pm, police received a report of a suspected drink driver in Warrenpoint.

The defendant was sitting in the driver’s seat with two children in the back. Police noted that she smelled of intoxicating liquor and her speech was slurred.

A sample obtained in custody gave a reading of 79mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath – over twice the legal limit.

District Judge Eamon King said: “The biggest thing said on her behalf is that she has now taken steps to address her issues. She has one previous from back in 2007, which was of a similar ilk, which suggests this is something which has been going on for some time.”

He added: “The court is also concerned that there were two young children in the car at the time.”

Campbell was disqualified from driving for a period of 12 months and was ordered to pay a fine of £250, along with the offender’s levy of £15.


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