Responding to the humanitarian crisis ongoing now in Afghanistan, Aontú Deputy Leader & Cllr for Mid Ulster, Denise Mullen, has called on both the Stormont Executive and the Irish Government to step up and be leaders in accepting Afghan refugees at risk!

Cllr Mullen:The worsening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan which has played out over the past few days as the Taliban have recaptured the country, was something we never thought we would bear witness to. Desperate Afghans clinging to airplanes taking off – some falling to their death. The terror being felt by so many women and children at falling once again under the thumb of the Taliban, and the violence and oppression they will be subjected to, is all too real. In this dark time, we cannot be silent. We cannot turn away from the cries for help. We cannot ignore those in need. That is why I am calling on both the Stormont Executive and the Irish government to open our doors to Afghan refugees. Ireland can, should and must be a refuge and a leader for those fleeing the violence and oppression of the Taliban. Time is running out till it may not be possible to get people out of Afghanistan. We must act – and act swiftly.”


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