Jonesboro Incident Leaves Young Woman Injured

Sinn Féin MLA, Liz Kimmins and local Councillor Mickey Larkin have called for an urgent meeting with the PSNI after a serious incident in Jonesboro yesterday evening, when a car was deliberately driven through the village ramming other vehicles and over-turning another.

The MLA explained,

“In the event an innocent young woman was injured and had to be cut from one vehicle and rushed to hospital.  

This is not the first time that this type of incident has taken place in the village and people are at their wits end that sooner or later someone will be seriously injured or killed as a result of this criminal and anti-community behaviour”.

Local Councillor Mickey Larkin commenting of the incident said,

“Residents believe that the same individuals are involved and that a serious drug culture underlies these incidents. Jonesborough is a proud village and community and deserves better than to be held to ransom by this group of thugs.

Sinn Féin local representatives urge people to come forward with any information they have in relation to these events and bring it to the PSNI.
Sinn Féin reps are available to facilitate this process and give any help and assistance necessary to the community”.


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