Questions Raised Over Lack of Council Support For Newry Market – Aontu

Denise Mullen , Deputy leader of Aontú has contacted the Chief Executive of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council regarding Newry Market and the lack of Council support. Ms Mullen was contacted by several traders and members of the public regarding the issue and has contacted the local Council for answers.

Speaking on the issue Ms Mullen said:

“The understanding I have been given is that this market trades on Thursdays and then on a Saturday with a few regular Thursday Market traders also , raising the following concerns to be addressed.”

“A) No Council support as in no advertising , no updated social media posts the photos of the market products are years old .
B) apparently the most expensive Council run market
C) no consideration that this is The Traders Only livelihoods and while I’m sure The Council strife to enhance Town regeneration it is felt Market Traders whom have traded for years in Newry are cast aside
D) toilets are not clean & well kept for to have onsite cleaners I believe 6days a week
E) market in general only cleaned when there are events organised not for the weekly traders
F) many of the stall tables are in need of  repair and also  never hosed down  again only for other events
G) pallets stacked against some stalls leaving poor visablity for traders potential customers  , a safety hazard also .
H) apparently George’s Market Belfast advertised expressions of interest lately for new traders that not already catered for , yet never anything similar done for Newry
I) do you have an employee that should be overseeing that Newry Market Flourishes ?
J) I was told that an organisation had made enquiries regarding hiring the market area for a Sunday fair – the hoops they were required to jump thru with no advice or guidance they just booked elsewhere.”

Ms Mullen now waits for a response from the Chief Executive and will contact Clanrye News and Sport in due course.


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