From a Clap at The Door to a Slap in The Face, Our Healthcare Workers Deserve Better! – Aontu

East Derry Representative Gemma Brolly encourages the Department of Health to reconsider their insulting pay increase offer and consider the future of our health service.

Rep. Brolly stated:

“It is shocking to think that a year ago the government were encouraging the nations to stand on their doorsteps and applaud the tireless efforts of our wonderful NHS, only to follow it up with such an insulting pay increase.  Unions in England and Wales are currently consulting their members while Scotland’s health care workers have rejected the offer of 4%.

“What adds to insult is the fact the Royal College of Nursing had been calling for 12.5% increase and Unison for a flat rate increase of £2000, yet with this is mind, our government offers 3%. Moreover, Mr Swann has made it very clear, the budget only allows for 2% with the Treasury pointing out there will be NO additional funding available – how can those who hold our health system together daily not be worth funding?”

“The Department of Health led by Mr Swann simply cannot be serious, throwing 3% (after years of pay freezes) at our health care workers whilst they suffer from severe workload and serious mental health pressures.”

“Aontú urge the Department of Health to urgently reconsider their offer. Not only are you shrugging off the huge efforts of our health care workers, but you are condemning the future of healthcare professions coupled with the future of the NHS. With so many leaving the sector as a result of poor pay, lack of career progression and intolerable working conditions it time to climb down from the top table, look your NHS employees in the face and make them a respectful offer which secures the future of health care in the North.”


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