Brown Welcomes DFI Road Safety Commitment at Saintfield

Local Alliance Councillor, Patrick Brown, welcomes the Department of Infrastructure’s commitment to improve road safety at Poundbridge Green in Saintfield.

Cllr Brown commented: “It was brought to my attention by local residents that there are concerns about the speed at which road users are entering Saintfield along the Lisburn Road. As such, I have lobbied the Department to consider relocating the existing 30mph signage and refresh the red-coloured surface, which is faded and worn away.”

“Saintfield is a popular town and there is an increasing number of pedestrians (especially families with young children) that are at risk from reckless motorists who are unable to decrease their speed in an adequate amount of time as they approach the sharp bend into the town.”

“Unfortunately, the Department is unwilling to move the sign as it was previously relocated to accommodate residential developments. However, it has agreed to refresh the red surface, with works expected to be completed by mid-September. Both myself and those in the community appreciate the Department taking steps to upkeep road safety, but I would like to ask that further consideration is given to the positioning of the sign.”


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