Labour Party in Northern Ireland Supports the ICTU

The following statement on the ICTU is issued by LPNI.

‘The Labour Party in Northern Ireland (LPNI) supports the traditional ICTU stance of being neutral on the border question.The ICTU is the only community based labour movement in Ireland that is currently working well for all its members on the island. Its neutral stance is the only way to maintain trade union unity both in Northern Ireland and across the island.

LPNI urges the ICTU to maintain its focus on peace, jobs and progress. While maintaining its neutral political stance, the ICTU should also be concerned that its members in Northern  Ireland, nationalist and unionist alike, are denied the basic civil right to have the opportunity to vote for Labour Party candidates in all Northern Ireland elections.

Following the ICTU template, the Labour Party can provide the same broad church environment within which we can unite to push politically a progressive agenda around core labour movement issues such as jobs, living standards, trade union rights, education and health.

At the moment these issues are neglected because Labour Party candidates are suppressed and the political arena is left to divisive communal politics.’


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