Pressures on the NHS Locally Cannot Be Attributed Solely to the Pandemic – TUV Newry and Armagh

The TUV have stated that the current pressures on the NHS is not solely due to Covid 19 adding that years of cuts have resulted in a lack of beds and money being squandered by Stormont.

A TUV spokesperson said:

“The pressures on the NHS locally cannot be attributed solely to the pandemic. The number of people currently in hospital due to Covid while worrying is much lower than it was at the height of the virus. One must, therefore, look for other causes. Chief among these has been the policy of successive Stormont administrations to reduce the number of hospital beds.

“Since devolution returned in 2007 we have reduced the number of hospital beds by 1,500. We have one of the lowest numbers of ICU beds per 100,000 of population in the Western world. The Executive has failed when it comes to this core issue impacting the day to day lives of countless people across Northern Ireland.

“Contrast these facts with Stormont’s ability to squander money. The recent budget found money to invest in an expanded translation hub for Irish and Ulster Scots when we know that the existing service has only been used a handful of times in years. When put in that context many people will question what devolution is delivering for them.”


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