Nelson urges Southern Trust to Reconsider Restrictions on Maternity Services

Sinn Féin Councillor Catherine Nelson is urging the Southern Trust to reconsider restrictions on maternity services.

She said:

“I have this morning spoken with our joint first Minister Michelle O’Neill re the decision by the Southern Trust to place limits on birthing partners attending appointments and labour.

“I have also written to the chief executive of the Trust and the Health Minister.

“Michelle will raise the issue with the Health Minister at todays executive meeting and I thank her for that on behalf of all you expectant mummies.

“As a new mummy myself I attended scan appointments alone and was alone in labour for 30 hours – while my husband set in the hospital carpark.

“Birthing partners could be tested on arrival. As the mummy is. And given that the mother is first placed in a large induction room – which she gets to herself – it seems non sensical to me that birthing partners are sent out after an hour.

“I urge the Southern Trust to reconsider.”


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