McNulty Congratulates WASPI Women

The Parliamentary Ombudsman has ruled that British government officials were too slow to tell many women they would be affected by the rising state pension and was due to maladministration by the Department of Work and Pensions.  

Reacting to the news, the Newry & Armagh Assembly Member said:  

“Today’s news of maladministration within the Department of Work and Pensions which led to financial and emotional hardship for thousands of women across the North is an important vindication, but the fight is not over yet. There are thousands of WASPI women who have been waiting and campaigning for years and will not rest until they receive full justice.  

“The accelerated hike in the state pension age hasn’t delivered equality – instead only hardship and suffering for thousands of women here who have been denied access to their state pension on time. 

“I am proud to support the WASPI women who are affected and will continue to work with SDLP MPs to pressure the British government to agree fair and acceptable compensation for WASPI women and stop the cycle of stagnation which has plagued successive governments and has dragged on for decades.” 


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