Amnesty is Latest Walk of Shame For Perverse ‘Peace Process’ – TUV Newry and Armagh

Speaking in advance of the recalled Assembly debate on legacy, TUV leader Jim Allister described amnesty as the final corruption of the criminal justice system and, thus, the ultimate betrayal of innocent victims.

Jim Allister said:-“No one should be in any doubt that the Government’s proposals mean amnesty and amnesty means not just the final corruption of the criminal justice system but unconscionable validation of terrorism. How else can one rationalise saying murderers and bombers are no longer to be prosecuted, whatever evidence comes to light, other than official acceptance that their crimes were acceptable? That is how obscene amnesty is!

“But before some politicians proclaim unyielding support for innocent victims, let me remind those who drafted, voted for and enforced the Belfast Agreement that amnesty is the logical conclusion to its release of prisoners and since 1998 subjecting terrorism to a maximum two year term of imprisonment. The same wicked and anti-victim rationale drives amnesty. It is the ultimate outworking of the rewarding of terrorism which the Belfast Agreement initiated.

“The moral bankruptcy of a government that embraces amnesty does not need elaboration. The matter speaks for itself.

“So, my heart aches for innocent victims of terrorism who are being cruelly told to forget justice because placating the victim-makers is more important to this government.

 “The so called ‘peace process’ has been perverse from the beginning, with releases, OTR letters and by-balls for IRA leaders, all part of the mix leading to this final betrayal.”


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