Victim Process Needs To Be Victim Led – Coade

Newry and Armagh Alliance representative Jackie Coade has called on any troubles legacy proposals to be victims led.

Speaking on the issue Ms Coade said:

“The process should be victim centred and victim led…victims families have not even been consulted. We still have loved ones in this country disappeared…these families need the truth and their loved ones brought home. 

We have loved ones brutally murdered by those who wore a uniform and who colluded to murder innocent people when it was their job to protect. 

We have loved ones brutally chained to a vehicle and horrifically used as a human bomb to murder others (just let that sink in). That family needs truth and justice. So many families need, and want, truth and justice. Some families will also want to just move on and that’s ok too. The issue is we need to consult those who sacrificed so much via the GFA so many of us can live in relative peace. 

We owe them so much. We need to listen to their stories and we need to help them heal in any way we can.”


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