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Elk Digital Hits the Airwaves

Elk Digital, the brainchild of Ryan McCann, Mark Hughes and Amy Magee at Elk Creative Digital is the new local platform for all things radio, podcasts, talk shows and video streaming. The studio located in the heart of Warrenpoint represents the opportunity to develop your brand via media. We now live in the digital age of podcasts and digital radio and elk digital has jumped to the forefront of what is becoming a highly sought after service.

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport studio manager Amy Magee said:

“Elk Digital is an online media hub for those who want to see and hear engaging content, listen to music and keep up with all the latest goings on. 

It’s also a platform for people to showcase their individuality and have their voice and music heard worldwide! 

Elk Digital is made up of an incredible team of creative music lovers, pod-casters and vloggers. Each bringing a unique and fresh perspective to the table and to their audiences. 

Elk Digital is a medium for:

  • Radio 
  • Podcasting
  • Talk shows 
  • Video streaming 

If you have an idea for a show or want to know more, just get in touch! We’re inviting people from all walks of life to share their interests and connect with likeminded individuals!”

The line up at Elk digital radio so far includes:

Monday – 7pm – 50 Years of Queen – Daryl G 

Wednesday – 6pm – Home Grown Tracks – Anna Celine 

8pm – Daz Live – Daryl G 

Friday – 8pm – Erase/Rewind – Sarah Mc Donald 

Saturday – 9am – The Saturday Morning Catch Up – Kevin McAteer

The Rock Show – 12pm – Amy Magee

80’s Hits – 2pm – Sarah C

With a lot of room to expand there are more slots available for anyone interested in the newest and hottest radio station in town.

You can listen to elk digital radio here.


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