Parking Issues at Fairview in Saintfield

Local Alliance councillor, Patrick Brown, is again calling for the Department of Infrastructure to address the issue of parking at Fairview in Saintfield, as access to residents’ houses is being blocked by parked cars.

Cllr Brown commented: “I am calling for the Department of Infrastructure to take action to remedy the problem of illegal parking at Fairview in Saintfield. Due to a lack of clear signage, vehicles are parking across the entrance of a strip of private land that connects to several driveways, preventing residents from being able to leave as they wish on a regular basis. This is incredibly frustrating for those that live in the area, especially as this has been an ongoing problem for some time.”

“I have written to the Department asking them to implement better signage, which they have previously committed to. Unfortunately, local residents are unable to from erect signs themselves, so I am hopeful that the Department tries to rectify this situation. Furthermore, I am requesting a yellow box be painted on the ground, which will evidently show people that they cannot park there.”


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