Bradley Welcomes Narrow Water BridgeAnnouncement

South Down SDLP MLA Sinead Bradley has welcomed the recent announcement from the Irish Government on the Narrow Water Bridge.

The South Down MLA said:

I am beyond excited to report that An Taoiseach Micheal Martin has this morning announced his intention to permit Louth County Council to bring the project to tender.  

Over the years so many local people have campaigned for the Narrow Water Bridge project but sadly many are not here today to witness this great development.  Amongst them, I of course include my own Dad PJ,  who would be celebrating today.  

After so many false dawns, from the bombing campaign of the 1970’s through to the failure of Executive Ministers to close the deal the project has faced repeated obstacles. Thankfully however the economic and social value of a bridge at Narrow Water never lost its credibility or appeal.  

In more recent time I was personally pleased when my intervention ensured the Bridge was  included in the New Decade New Approach agreement which saw Stormont return after three years of stalemate.  My hopes for delivery quickly heighted when my SDLP colleague, @NicholaMallon was then appointed Minister for Infrastructure.  

My reason to be optimistic was also based on the confidence I had in An Taoiseach Micheal Martin whom I had known to be a longterm supporter of the Narrow Water Bridge Project.  I remember with great fondness the conversation the Fianna Fail Party leader had with my late Dad PJ during the ard fheis, when he said, “PJ, if I’m ever Taoiseach we’ll build that bridge”. 

With an SDLP Minister and this particular Taoiseach in place, I was sure the project would finally progress. 

I am not known for issuing such self-congratulatory statements but I am unashamedly proud of the lifetime commitment my Dad PJ contributed to keeping this project to the fore and I am also proud if I, in any small way, was able to move on his legacy of work.  

I wish to congratulate the determined and passionate hard work of the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network who remain steadfast in their commitment to see the project delivered.  Their diligence, hard work and attention to detail has been nothing short of remarkable.  

In partnership with this group @LouthCOCO @DarraghO’BrienTD @NicholaMallon @MichealMartin and all stakeholders  I look forward to ensuring this long awaited project  finally makes it through to completion.


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