Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey has welcomed the findings of an independent report into the Department’s Make the Call Wraparound Service (MtC Wraparound), which found far-reaching positive affects in a diverse range of areas.

The Minister was speaking as she met staff from the Service which aims to connect people with the benefits, supports and services to which they are entitled.

The financial results of the Service are published every year however the independent Ipsos MORI report examined its ‘Social Return on Investment’ to better understand the effects of receiving additional benefit entitlement and supports and services.

Minister Hargey said: “Supporting the most vulnerable in society is a priority for me and I am delighted that my Department’s efforts to do this through the Make the Call Wraparound Service are reaping such positive results in crucial areas.

“The role of MtC Wraparound is wider than benefit uptake as it connects people to supports and services available through partnership organisations.

“By working with the wider voluntary and community sector, the Service’s work has had far-reaching positive effects on individuals’ mental and physical health and general wellbeing.”

Researchers for the Social Return on Investment report interviewed 1,298 customers who had previously used the service, across all customer areas. Almost half were over pension age with 52% working age, 41% of the respondents were male and 59% female. Ninety three per cent of customers had successfully claimed a social security benefit, 81% were successful with their application for services or supports and 87% reported that MtC Wraparound had a positive impact on them.

The Minister continued: “We are all aware of the link between economic stability and emotional support to mental and physical wellbeing.

“This report has found that by encompassing those elements, the MtC Wraparound Service has had a positive impact in supporting people who otherwise may have been missing out on benefits, supports and services they were entitled to.

“Its findings will help shape the future of the service, providing continuing practical support to people within our community when needed.” 

The Ipsos Mori report can be accessed here:


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