Delays to Road Works ‘Massive Blow’ For Impacted Council Areas – Kimmins

Liz Kimmins has expressed her frustration that road resurfacing works in four areas, including Newry Mourne and Down, have been delayed due to a legal challenge.

The Newry and Armagh MLA stated:

“The fact that road resurfacing in the four council areas of Newry Mourne and Down,  Mid Ulster; Derry and Strabane; and Omagh is being delayed due to a legal challenge will come as a huge disappointment for the people living in these areas.  

“Affected asphalt resurfacing works that have been impacted are now expected to commence early in 2022.  Our road network is already a shambles and its worsening condition negatively impacts on people and communities on an everyday basis . Now much needed investment into our road network has been delayed. 

“This week I expressed to the Infrastructure Minister my complete frustration over this development and called for this obstacle to be addressed  as a matter of urgency. 

“Our road network is in serious need of investment and I will continue to call for resurfacing works to continue as soon as possible.”


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