Saoradh Newry Force Cancellation of Three PSNI Events

Within the past week Saoradh have forced a total of three Crown Force events to be cancelled in the South Armagh and South Down area. 
These events have been organised by the Policing and Community Safety Partnership in conjunction with the forces of occupation, namely the “PSNI”. 

Speaking from Saoradh’s Newry office local party member Cliodhna McCool said “At the most recent protest on Sunday [June 13th] servants of the Crown unsuccessfully attempted to set up a stall in the Republican village of Camlough in South Armagh. 

“As Saoradh activists protested against the event in Camlough village, a member of the Crown Forces assaulted a 13 year old child by hitting her with a bicycle. Ironically the bike belonged to a Sinn Fein member and Crown Force collaborator, this was the only “member of the public” to take part in the RUC charm offensive.

“When challenged on the RUC’s actions the Sinn Fein collaborator claimed he “didn’t see anything”. 

“We can also reveal that a second event due to take place shortly afterwards at Camlough Lake failed to materialise, such was the fear of opposition to the PR stunt.”

McCool continued “We would like to thank the local business owner who also challenged the Crown Forces and demanded that they leave the area.
“Saoradh party members then left the village and maintained a presence at nearby Camlough Lake. The RUC Crown Forces drove by the location several times but failed to erect their stall. 

“Saoradh claim victory in this instance due to the cancellation of two Crown Force events, the third such event to be cancelled in just over a week.”

Cliodhna ended on a note of defiance “We ensured that this normalisation stunt didn’t go unopposed and we pledge to target future events in a radical and robust manner.”


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