Kimmins : Flood alleviation measures vital for Newry

Liz Kimmins is commenting on the flood alleviation measures planned for Newry. 

The Newry and Armagh MLA stated:  

“I welcome the investment for flooding prevention measures in Newry this year by the Department for Infrastructure.  The first phase is expected to start soon with contractor awards given out later this year. 

“Phase one is set to cost £2.9 million and will implement flood alleviation measures for building on the Armagh Road, Downshire Road, Craigmore Way and Greenbank Industrial Estate, Newry.

“I understand that phase 2 and 3 of the flood alleviation scheme is projected to begin construction in 2024 and I have written to the Minister for Infrastructure to inquire whether this can be brought forward. 

“I have also asked the Minister what catchment management opportunities are being explored for Newry such as the planting of trees and the use of  Sustainable Drainage Systems like permeable pavements and detention ponds for example.

“Flooding is dangerous and can wreck homes and businesses, Its vital that we have the necessary infrastructure in place to protect our communities. 


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