Plastering of Loyalist Flags in Markethill is Harmful and Intimidatory – Haughey

Sinn Féin representative for the Markethill area, Cllr Bróna Haughey has said that the erection of paramilitary flags in Markethill is harmful and intimidatory. The town has been saturated with Loyalist flags over recent days which include UVF and British Parachute Regiment flags. 

Speaking on the issue, Cllr Haughey said, 

“While I fully respect people’s desire to express their cultural identity, the plastering of Loyalist flags in Markethill places huge tension on community relations, this is harmful and intimidatory. 

“It’s also quite sinister that a paramilitary UVF flag and a British Parachute Regiment flag are amongst those which have been erected. Over recent weeks the world has learned more about the activities of this particular British army regiment and their involvement in cold-blooded murder on the streets of Ballymurphy. 

In conclusion, the Cusher Sinn Féin Councillor said, 

“I will be speaking to the relevant authorities to ensure that these flags are removed. I would also call upon my political counterparts and community leaders to use their influence to ensure that these flags are removed immediately.”


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