Saoradh Newry Oppose Royal Visit at Slieve Gullion

Saoradh Newry has condemned the recent visit of Prince Charles to the area. The republican group has voiced its concerns regarding the recent visit slamming it as just another PR stunt.

Speaking on the issue Saoradh Newry Chairman Stephen Murney said:

“Just days after the findings of the Ballymurphy Massacre inquest were made public, the Colonel-in-Chief of the murderous Parachute Regiment responsible, Charles Windsor was flown into South Armagh for a PR stunt. His Regiment were also responsible for Bloody Sunday and numerous other murders of men, women and children in Ireland.” 

“With numerous atrocities under their belt we believe that all those who murdered and injured civilians, their commanders and those at the highest echelons of the British Government that directed the Parachute Regiment to do so should be placed in front of an International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague.”

“Despite being shrouded in a cloak of secrecy and surrounded by a high level of security, a small number of Saoradh members still managed to protest at Slieve Gullion against the Royal visit and ensured that it didn’t go unopposed.”


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