Saoradh Newry Remove Joe Biden Sign

The Joe Biden sign at the Albert Basin in Newry has been removed by the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh and replaced with a Palestinian flag. 

Speaking from the party’s Newry office following the action Saoradh member Cliodhna McCool explained “Saoradh activists based at the party’s Newry office took this direct action in response to US President Biden’s disgraceful comments following the recent Israeli forces attack on Gaza in which over 100 people have now been killed.

“On Wednesday Joe Biden said that Israelis “had the right to defend themselves”. By Thursday night the Biden billboard in Newry was removed by Saoradh party activists who erected a Palestinian flag in its place along with international solidarity posters.” 

Cliodhna added “Also In case anyone didn’t know Biden’s new US regime also launched air strikes on eastern Syria in February, killing around 20 people and are now clearly fully supportive of the Zionist regime responsible for killing men, women and children in Gaza. 

“Anybody who had hoped that Biden’s election would mean an end to, or even a decrease, in US interventionism are clearly deluded. Anyone in Newry who fawns over this warmonger because of some supposed distance linkage to the nearby Cooley area needs their head checked.”

“It is clear that whoever sits in the White House matters very little, the US will continue their imperialist interventions around the world. If any attempts are made to replace this image, or similar imagery, Irish Republicans will not be found wanting when it comes to its removal.”

Cliodhna concluded by outlining the party’s future intentions “Saoradh have also planned protests at Sainsburys at The Quays in Newry on Sunday 16th May at 2pm to show solidarity and support to the Palestinian people.”


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